5 Things to Do During Summer

Summer is almost always very busy or very boring. There never seems to be a good medium. Listed below are some of my favorite things to do during summer. Enjoy!

  1. Go out to eat! There will never not be a place you and your friends can try out. Bonus: everyone gets fed!!
  2. Go to the movies. Lots of good movies come out during the summer. Buy some movie tickets from Costco or go for a matinee show time for a cheaper ticket.
  3. Go to a museum. As a kid museums seem boring, but going back as your older it’s a lot of fun! Go back to your favorite museum and see how much has changed!
  4. Go shopping; better yet, go thrift store shopping.
  5. Laser tag!! If you and your friends are more competitive or active, I can guarantee you’ll have fun at laser tag.

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