New Home?

I’m nervous to be moving out of the homes I grew up in. I’m socially awkward and difficult to deal with sometimes, so how is this whole “make new friends” thing going to work? I’m nervous that my new roommates are going to end up hating me because of my living habits. I’m nervous that I won’t be able to find my way to school from my new home….

Is it a new home though? It is definitely a new place to live; a new house. Yet there’s a little piece of me that doesn’t feel completely comfortable calling this new house a home.

It’s so different from my homes that I’ve known. My homes have my family and friends; they’re in cities I know well. This new house does not have my family or friends. I also don’t know the city well. It’s nerve-wracking. Moving to a new city by myself.

A home is supposed to be a place of safety and relaxation, right? This new home makes me nervous. Maybe I’m just being a worry-wart. It will be better once I live here longer. Think positively!! Right? Everything takes time. Of course it will take time for me to feel comfortable on my own. Of course it will take time to develop trust and a good relationship with my roommates. Any change will take time getting used to. I will have fun. 🙂 This will be my new home.


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