10/02/17 | Another Three Weeks

I really need to get better about updating this. I’ve just been so busy the past few weeks with the school’s organizations and class assignments.

School Life

By now, I have take two quizzes in my PHIL class and one quiz in my ARTH class. I’ve also given two speeches for MAS and written two papers; one for PHIL and one for MAS. The quizzes are definitely things I wish I studied more for, so, of course, knowing midterms are coming up on Thursday and Monday is very stressful. I also wish I had chosen to write my PHIL paper on same-sex marriage instead of on if pornography leads to violence against women. I say this because there were very few “scholarly” articles on the later topic. I have also learned through these assignments and assessments to carefully and thoroughly read the instructions. I’m grateful I had these opportunities to mess up and learn from my mistakes because now I feel a little more prepared for midterms. I also know now that I definitely need to study at least two days/nights before any quizzes or speeches.


I recently went to a Japanese Student Society social for members who are participating in SKiP. SKiP stands for Senpai Kohoui Program so people get paired up and put into little families. Similar to Bigs and Littles in Greek life. This was only my second JSS event (including the informational night) and each time I have gone by myself, so whenever I have JSS events I always get nervous. I hate being by myself, but I’m trying to expand my comfort zone. There were some ice breakers that had to do with Studio Ghibli and anime. I thought I knew quite a bit about these things, but not nearly as much as everyone else there — that was kind of an awkward moment because everyone must have been thinking how white-washed I was. It was also super nice because one of the girls I talked to at the info night was there and she was keeping me company and talking to me before the event started. She even wanted her Kohoui to pick me up so I could be in her line. I thought that was really sweet.

Very similar to the JSS SKiP mixer was the Akbayan Meet the KAAMPamiliya. This event was last week and it was where all the “littles” meet other “littles” and “bigs” and their families. There was free boba for the people who completed the name bingo game, but by the time my friend and I got to the front of the line there was none left. There is something for Akbayan every single week and to be honest it is somewhat exhausting. However, it is a lot of fun and everyone is super nice. I imagine these events to be my equivalent to not being able to sleep if I were in a dorm.

Lastly, for my little club updates, I went to a Division Council Meeting in Santa Cruz for Circle K. I really did not want to go at first because I wasn’t going to know anybody. Then my friend from middle/high school contacted me and said she was going so I signed up because I missed her/wanted to see her. And then the night before the event, I wanted to back out again. I had looked up on Google Maps how long it would take to get from here to the beach, and it said it would take about 45 minutes. Normally, 45 minutes in a car with people I don’t know would scare me out of going. To add on to that fear, we were meeting over an hour before the event actually started. So basically, we were supposed to meet by 2:30, the drive would be about 45 minutes, and then the event wouldn’t start until 4pm. From 2:30-4, I would have to be with people I had no idea even existed, and that made me not want to go. Luckily, I talked to my boyfriend and calmed down enough to force myself to go. I’m so glad too because I got to see two of my good friends I hadn’t seen in a while and I got to be at a beach.

General Life Update

I saw my family this past weekend!! Like everyone — mom, dad, sister, cats — literally everyone. I hate to admit it (because I never wanted to be the college kid that got super homesick), but I have gone back home for at least one day every weekend. I make a big deal about seeing every one of my family members because every time that I’ve gone back, I never see all of them. So this was a nice change.

I’m so proud of my sister for everything that she’s doing with her musical talent. She performed really well this past weekend even though she had a cough. I’m sure she’s got a lot to deal with right now because of all of her extracurriculars and school, but I missed seeing her. That’s why I made my mom order the food for take out so that we could eat at home with my sister instead of eating at the restaurant like planned.

Speaking of family, I miss my boyfriend a lot. He recently moved away for college, so when I go back now there’s no hanging out with him at all. I miss him a lot and I love him a lot. I’m really grateful because he randomly video-called me on Snapchat one day and it made me so incredibly happy. Plus, now, we just randomly call each other or Snapchat video call each other whenever we have free time. I hope him talking to me doesn’t get in the way of him making friends… but I will never turn down an opportunity to hear his voice or see his face hahaha… It’s so different being so far away, but us against the world; we got this; this ain’t nothin’ on us!! ❤

On another note, I still have not heard back from any of the places I applied to work at which is rather upsetting. The applications to be an orientation leader came out and I was reading through the requirements and everything, but I ultimately decided I would apply next year instead of this year since this year I have to pay for my apartment throughout summer anyways. Moreover, this way my boyfriend and I can potentially take summer classes together. (I mean either way, I will take summer classes this year, but it would be so much better if we took it together.) You see, if you are an orientation leader, you’re not allowed another job on campus and you’re not allowed to take any summer courses (be it online, community college, etc.). Hopefully, it all works out in my favor.

Roommate Drama

Quite frankly, there hasn’t been that much roommate drama. Aside from the night I brought up to two of my roommates that I had been asking about if one person could terminate the lease early. I told them about how I asked the landlady and how since she said it was possible, I was considering terminating my lease early. But that conversation wasn’t that heated or anything, and I ultimately ended up deciding to stick with the year long lease.

Other than that, we haven’t been staying on top of our chores as much which can get annoying when the chores are kitchen or trash duty. The kitchen sink can get so clutter that you have to wash at least one or two things just to wash your own things. The trash not being taken out twice a week is annoying because it often smells bad and/or overflows.

Lastly, not really relevant to our rooming situation, but our next door neighbors finally moved in! They have an adorable puppy and one of my roommates thinks they look hot. I’ve run into two of I-don’t-know-how-many of them though and they just look like skater guys. I just wish they took their puppy out more. Oh yeah! I’ve run into two of them, but it’s always been super awkward because I don’t know what to say or I’m listening to music so I notice them super last minute. Either way, I just hope they haven’t heard me screaming/singing when I’m home alone.


Hope all is well!! 🙂 I promise, I will try to get better about posting more often.


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